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We all have them, some more important than others. I am inspired this time by my parents. They have always been a source of inspiration to me, but this month on Sept. 10th they celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary. An attainment not set as a life goal but rather a life together.

I would argue most times for goal oriented behavior. It helps to set goals in our busy lives. But sometimes we should reach out to our foundations and what we know as right and wrong behavior’s to guide us.

If you apply a goal of losing 20 pounds and follow the diet and exercise portion of the plan you surely can obtain your goal. However the greatest issue most of us have is keeping the goal or coming close and giving up on the goal. This is where I believe trusting only in goals can fail you; we are being told we have no self-power. But we do.

Each one of us was taught right from wrong, good from bad behaviors and respect for others and ourselves. These are basic decent human interactions. I believe if you apply this to your life your goals will be completed just by living. There was a great eye opening to this phenomena a couple years ago, remember the book a purposeful life? Then Oprah jumped in with her version “live your best life” and then time goes by and we have no cheer leaders to remind us and we sink into thinking we are powerless again.

Your foundation is powerful, we need to be our own cheerleaders and remember every day that we are good and we respect ourselves for doing the right things even when we are not asked by someone else to do them. Your self power to accomplish any task will be strengthened.

We have a homemade sign in our bedroom that’s greets us every morning. It simply says, “if you can read this, you are already having a great day!”

Thank you, mom and dad for reminding us that love and respect are still well and alive and we just need to apply generously every day.


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