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We value our patients' experience at Suntree Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Marc Gray
Your Melbourne Chiropractor

Dr. Gray and I would like to extend our appreciation to all of our wonderful patients for your referrals and for those of you who feel compelled to share your stories on how we have been able to help you. Sometimes the most powerful help you can be to someone is to share your story. The first step to healing is walking through the right door! Please know that we strive everyday to do our very best to help you, your friends and loved ones.

Sincerely, Tricia Gray



Please let Dr. Gray now that I am feeling some relief even after just his first treatment. I'm looking forward to my next appointment. Please let him know that I really appreciate his knowledge, insights, and skill. 

I hope you have a good trip to your granddaughter's graduation.

Mike G. 6-6-2023


I have been seeing Doctor Marc Gray for seven months now, and I am so grateful for his services!

I suffer from back problems and it has been challenging, both physically & emotionally. I have had a fear of Chiropractic doctors due to pain that I have experienced thru the years and it has been such a welcome relief to encounter Dr. Gray. His methods of providing chiropractic care for individuals with hardware in their backs is remarkable. He asked me questions and really listened to the answers, explained his diagnosis and has provided a treatment program that has allowed me to enjoy life once again.
Everything at his office is done in a manner that is effective, friendly and welcoming. His staff is exceptional. I have always felt considered and valued both as a patient and as a person.

Jeff M. Cocoa


To be snapped or not to be? Try a different chiropractic method and feel better… Dr. Gray is a 10 out of 10.

     So, where to start… if I went back to my 20’s, that is when my headaches surged into migraines and my arthritis started after auto mobile accidents and a fall and now at 73, I guess you could say I am used to pain and my life has been limited in so many ways. So, you ask, how did I end up at Suntree Chiropractic and why?
     I had noticed I was having a problem; my head wasn’t turning like it should, neck stiffness, neck pain, shoulder pain and more headaches, driving made things worse and I was sure stress was my problem. Then my dentist found that some caps I had put in had rotted 3 teeth! We started on the left side with implants and the caps were taken care of. Then an illness occurred October of 2019 and delayed the other side and changed my life completely.

     After many months, doctors and drugs, we fast forward to 2020, completed side two of the implants and all went well, but my neck stiffness, jaw and shoulder pain had increased. I returned to the oral surgeon, all looked good, no infection but he suspected a problem with my neck and referred me to Dr. Gray. My surgeon informed me that he used a different method of chiropractic which had helped him. “Just give Dr. Gray a chance”, he said, “I know he can help you.”

      I went to Dr. Gray the next week, gave him my medical history and why I was referred. I received an exam and got cervical spine x-rays which confirmed there were problems. As great as the staff and Dr. Gray are…I was hesitant, I wanted to give him a chance and made it clear to just work on my neck. I remember Dr. Gray’s words, just give me a chance, I know you will be better…he was right. And of course, he would remind me of my back from time to time and knowing how much better I felt I scheduled to start on my back too. In 2021 we started on my back and fast forward to today and I have little to no back pain, my posture is straight, headaches much improved, I can get up and down from a chair independently and my neck problems have greatly improved. I feel good!!All this was accomplished by Dr. Gray with out drugs in a very friendly and clean environment. It’s your choice but I’ll say the same to you: just give him a chance. 

Sandy N., Palm Bay
July 13, 2021


    I lived in Nashville, Tennessee for many years until January 2020. In 2019 I fell and damaged my right rotator cuff. I had been an athlete my entire life and had never been hurt to the point that I couldn’t function. But, at that point, I was in constant pain. I seldom experienced a complete night of sleep.  I tried rehab, various weight training programs under strength training coaches, diet changes and countless supplements and even opioids… all in attempt to manage the pain of rotator cuff damage. As a last resort, I started seeing a Chiropractor in Hendersonville, Tennessee. I sometimes saw the Chiropractor 2-3 times per week for months on end. The pain was “managed”, or at least that is what I kept telling myself, despite the fact that I still couldn’t raise my arm above my head and I still couldn’t sleep through the night. I couldn’t get through a 1 hour TV show without changing positions at least 10 times, I was eating Advil and Tylenol by the handful, our mattress was too soft, the floor was too hard, and my lifelong love for the gym was but a fading memory.

     I moved to Viera, Florida at the beginning of 2020 and finally visited an Orthopedic Surgeon. After an MRI was performed, he informed me that rotator cuff surgery was eminent with twelve months of rehab to follow. Reluctantly I scheduled the surgery and resigned myself to the fact that my quality of life would forever be diminished. While awaiting my surgery date, my pain level shot up to a constant 10. On a whim I made an interim visit to Dr Marc Gray. This proved to be one of the most pivotal and profound moments in my life. After just one visit, Dr Gray had my pain level to 5. I saw him three times the first week and my pain level was down to 2. After just 5 visits my pain level was an astounding ZERO! I had full mobility of my rotator cuff and I enjoyed my first full night of sleep in years. I cancelled my surgery, flushed the Advil, opioids, Xanax and depression meds and have not thought about them since.

     Within 3 months of visiting Dr Gray I joined the gym. My pain level stays at zero. My depression and anxiety are gone. I have started a handyman service. I am on no medication… period. And I only see Dr Gray 2 times per month for maintenance.

     I realize many people will be skeptical about my testimonial. I certainly would be. But my answer is, give Dr Gray 3 months, and I sincerely believe you will enjoy a life changing experience. I did and my life has never been better!

Scott L. Rockledge, Fl. 


    Just a note to express my joy in having found Dr. Gray. I feel like I have always suffered from back, neck and leg pain primarily due to my 35 years of military service. Since having multiple deployments to Afghanistan in my last ten years of service, I do qualify for complete medical care from the VA, for which I am grateful. However, what has been lacking in availability is Chiropractic Care. Joyously I learned that my VA PCP could refer me to this service outside of the VA System. Well, in making inquiries I kept hearing Dr. Gray's name over and over from fellow veterans, civilians and even VA Employees. After several weeks of treatments, I am feeling relief even on body parts where he found issues of which I was unaware. Once he has gotten me to a pain-free place, I look forward to continuing on with a Maintenance Program to keep the good feeling going. 

Louis C. Melbourne


     I have been under chiropractic care for over 26 years. At first, I was caring for injuries from accidents. Then, I spent years managing pain from migraines caused by pinched nerves in the neck and a chronically dislocated atlas. Several doctors helped me make it from one appointment to the next, but I simply gave up hope that my condition would ever improve. I happened upon Dr. Gray's practice because I recently moved to the area. I was extremely skeptical of the care he offered because it was a completely different set of methods than I was used to. After only a few visits, I noticed a decrease in my chronic pain. After about three months of care, my husband asked how often I was getting migraines. I hadn't given it much thought, but I realized, in that moment that the frequency had reduced to about 10% of what it had been for years, leading up to Dr. Gray's care. If you have been unsuccessful in your search for quality chiropractic care that works for your pain, please consider meeting with Dr. Gray. I hope you'll find the same relief I did.

Tamar B. 8-25-2019
Melbourne, Fl. 


                    My personal testimony 15 months under the care of Dr Mark Gray

       This is an important prelude, to state my condition before I started with Dr. Gray.

    After retirement I relocated to Florida to start a more relaxed lifestyle. Being a busy businesswoman with much energy I thought I was handling the stress of the move well. I found a primary care physician but I was very disillusioned due to the lack of care, I decided to leave this medical group affiliated with a hospital and look for a doctor that didn't need to meet quotas. Well I thought I found one. At my first visit, being very nervous, they took my blood pressure. It was high enough for the doctor to prescribe meds.
    I had brought my records with me and showed the doctor my blood pressure history and refused the meds. As he went thru the paper work, he commented on my cholesterol levels which has always been on the high side and immediately I was told I needed statins which I also refused. Long story short I thought what am I doing here. All I've been offered is meds. No conversation of how much exercise I get, how much sleep, what do I eat, what kind of stress I might have. After assertively pushing my information of my vitamin regiment of which he laughed and sarcastically told me that supplements are a waste and kind of voodoo Medicine. He said at least let's set up send a coronary heart scan. When the results showed a moderate score and risk, again he was very assertive on starting statins because he said it runs in my family. When I brought up nutrition and other alternate ways to bring down my score. He got rather upset with me, I challenged his knowledge. He told me it's his job to treat the symptoms with pharmaceuticals. I said to him if the body is self-healing and self-regulating why can we not look at why my levels were high. I left the office rather aggravated and without a doctor. This doctor stressed me out so badly. That appointment was in November 2017. 
    In December 2017 I became ill with a very bad cold and at the same time sciatic nerve pain that ran down both legs into my feet. Between the pressure in my head from the cold, the sciatic problem and then a new developing neck and shoulder pain which now was running down both arms I pretty much was a physical and emotional mess. The day after Christmas I had a scare that caused a 911 call and an ambulance to my home because my vision started to blur and my skin felt I like a dolphin. My blood pressure was skyrocketing. I was admitted for a possible stroke protocol and a hospital stay for three days. The outrageously high blood pressure did subside while I was in emergency room. Needless to say, the hospital immediately started me on aspirin, Statins and another drug because I was going to be restricted to my bed.  My bed was on an alarm and it went off when I stepped on the floor. I freaked out. 
    They gave me every test needed when you have a TIA protocol. I began refusing everything after all my tests came back negative. When I got home, I said to my husband I don't know why even have insurance I really don't need it. I don't believe in the protocols of the medical profession. I need to find myself a doctor to check my nervous system. They say stress is a killer and I believe that I was in such stress that it caused the problem. So, armed with a list of questions I needed to ask before I would even step foot in a doctor’s office, I decided on finding a chiropractic physician. If a doctor could answer at least five of my seven questions to my satisfaction I hit gold.
    Well believe it or not I went through about seven or eight chiropractic offices with only 2 to 3 of my questions answered. Now I realized there are different kinds of chiropractic care and their protocols are different. What I wanted was a corrective chiropractor. Feeling pretty discouraged, fatigued, stressed due to the anxiety that builds up. I kept searching. I know people are going to be wondering at this point what are the seven questions? When I called Suntree Chiropractic, I spoke with Patricia, I kept her on the phone more than the ordinary amount of time. She was very patient and willing to answer my questions. I told her about my condition and then asked my questions:

1.    Do you take x-rays?  Answer: Yes, we do.

Cha Ching! I really wanted a doctor not working blindly and kind of just feeling around. I also wanted to see what my spine looked like. I never had a picture of my spine so it was fascinating and very telling.

2.Do you get spinal listing off of the x-rays? Answer: Yes, we do. Your x-rays are put up and referred to during your adjustments.

Again, the answer to many of my questions were clearly shown on my x-rays.

3.Is your goal to restore normal function or to just relieve symptoms?  The answer was both. Much more to this answer became clear to me as time went by.

4.Do you take post x-rays? (This was kind of a line in the sand question for me because it actually documents the structural change. The answer was not clear cut but made perfect sense). Answer: Not on every patient or every case. (They're not going to expose patients to unnecessary x-rays).
5.Do you work with repair disc injuries? The answer was yes. 

 6. Do you work with post spinal surgery patient's? Answer: Yes, we do.

  7. Do you work with pediatrics and the elderly? Answer: Yes. (Now that I am aging this was important question.)

   OK, all the boxes checked, I made my appointment. What I did realize after all my research, Protocols are different, there are chiropractors out there that do not use x-rays to guide their adjustments, chiropractors that only handle the symptoms. I was looking for a corrective chiropractor with an accuracy level, confidence and skill. A doctor that wasn't afraid to answer my questions and I have many. A doctor that can educate me along the journey. The bonuses which I did not know until I started appointments was Dr. Gray was also knowledgeable in nutrition and supplements. He has a very affirmative personality and sense of humor. He is a very busy man with a busy practice, so taking that in mind, I don't overload him with questions but I do have items to discuss at every visit.
   So onto my results. In the beginning first three months I saw him about 10 visits.  I guess it was obvious to Dr. Gray that I was a mess! I was nervous. He put up my x-rays and showed me problem areas in my shoulder, my neck, my lower back, my pelvic region. That very first day right in the consult room he worked on my shoulder. An 11-year-old injury which I had x-rays taken in 2006 to see if I had any fractures. I did not. But I did have lack of motion and flexibility with that arm. One adjustment later, my flexibility and range of motion restored, it continues to be flexible to this day. Wow! I went home and told my husband I found a Rockstar!  I had a sore ankle with a large pocket of fluid/ mass. On one visit I happen to mention my ankle as an eyesore. He inquired if I ever had it looked at and I replied yes and they told me at the vascular surgeon’s office that they didn't know what it was and just leave it alone. So, I did, for 30 years! So, Dr. Gray asked me if he could take a look. Of course, I said go ahead. I couldn't tell you technically what he did but I can tell you from that day forward my ankle returned to normal. And I thought, wow, what a blessing that I found a caring doctor.

   So, now there is culpability on my side which I need to speak about. If you continue with bad postures and habits it will be counterproductive to your healing. Awareness is everything and we get used to the way we stand, the positions we sleep etc. Dr. Gray clearly told me if I listen and follow his directions things will in time change. I began not carrying my suitcase of a handbag on my shoulder as I have done for years, changed my positions for sleeping after the good doctor told me while adjusting me, exactly the position I put myself. He has caught me at the front desk standing incorrectly, as I put my body out of balance. Believe it or not being a nerd and now very anal I decided to completely discipline myself. Common sense goes a long way, believe me I use it all the time. Just because you're going to a chiropractor doesn't mean that your body shouldn't move because you have an adjustment. When I found out movement is necessary, a good thing. Dr. Gray will say fantastic when I describe my activities. I like the fact he doesn't allow whine and cheese parties. only positive energy here. He radiates that in his gate, philosophy, humor, wisdom thru years of experience and an openness for knowledge.  

I have been treating with Dr. Gray going on 15 months now and my changes have been significant. 

    Let me close by saying through the years, listening to different people that are opposed to chiropractic care. I would hear things like it doesn't really work, you have to go all the time. Now that is an oxymoron if I ever heard. We change the oil in our car every three months if we want our car to last. We go to the dentist for continual cleanings to help prevent buildup and cavities. We go to primary doctor’s for well checkups, and have labs done to make sure everything is in alignment to the excepted range. But for some reason when it comes to chiropractic, people think one or two visits will fix an ongoing problem. Never mind all the variables that come into play like poor posture, poor nutrition, and an overwhelming amount of medicine that people take to treat the symptoms, which I believe, only adds to the problem. Yes, I go to the chiropractor at least once a month for maintenance and more if I have an issue. It has served me well, and I can say with certainty I have not had one cold or sickness in the last 15 months. Chiropractic physicians work on your skeleton but have everything to do with your nervous system. Hand in glove, the chiropractor is an extension of your body as is the bow on a violin. It's all about discipline, tenacity and passion, to create a beautiful tone and movement. Dr. Gray is a well-oiled instrument.

Susan C. 4-1-19
Melbourne, Fl.


I am a 73-year-old female and long “retired,” although I was doing volunteer work that was much harder than any job I’d held as a working adult. A friend recommended Dr. Gray, but because of my previous chiropractic experience, I had no intention of making an appointment. It was only after other medical problems began to surface and I was in tears more often than not, that I finally made that appointment.

 As I sat in the waiting room that first day, I thought some kind of construction work was being done in the back rooms. Noises like loud knocks and a mini jackhammer. I was trying to get up the nerve to leave, but I just wasn’t fast enough before my name was called. After an exam and x-Rays, I sat in a room staring at this god-awful-looking table waiting for the good doctor to make an appearance. Dr. Gray explained my X-Rays and showed me where I had scoliosis, which was news to me, but I could see it clearly with my own eyes. Before I got on that table, I’m almost sure I made him promise he wasn’t going to “crack” my back. He just laughed, which he does quite often, and said that was “old school.”

 I felt so much better after that first visit, that I’ve been seeing Dr. Gray weekly for three months now. I still moan and groan at that mini jackhammer on occasion, but my days without pain are lasting longer and longer. Dr. Gray may not be able to correct the curvature in my spine – then again, I wouldn’t put it past him – but the healing is coming along just fine by correcting the damage that is a result of the curvature. Another blessing is that I’ve been able to cut way back on my pain medications.

Carla M. 10-15-18
Palm Bay, Fl. 


~~Late April this year, my lower back pain required immediate medical attention.  Experience with a local orthopedic surgeon's office, prescribed physical therapy left me in excruciating pain, on strong pain meds, and completely immobile from late April thru May.  Your compassion, during my desperate phone call to you on 6/02/2017, gave me hope.  I was able to walk again on 6/05/17, with pain, after my first appointment with Dr. Gray.  Within 1 1/2 wks., I was standing tall and walking with minimal pain.  Now, on 7/13/17, I'm pain free and walking 2 miles per day.  Miraculous?  To me, yes!
   The impressive testimonials on the Suntree Chiropractic website influenced my initial phone call to your office.  I firmly believe that Dr. Gray's chiropractic expertise dramatically improved their lives .... as he did mine.
    My 83 yr. old husband is standing erect, walking easier, and minus aggravating neck pain since he decided he may as well seek Dr. Gray's assistance; since he was driving me to my appointments anyway!  Now, we are a happy, pain-free couple, enjoying life again ..... thanks to Dr. Gray and his years of experience in the chiropractic field.  Why would anyone go anywhere else?

Sally W.  7-14-17
Melbourne, Fl.


~~ It is a great pleasure to share my experience of care at Suntree Chiropractic. I experienced moderate lower back pain for several years. After an incident in November 2016 the pain became more severe compelling me to seek medical attention. After examination and MRI the orthopedic physician recommended targeted injections from a specialist. Not happy with this recommendation I cancelled the procedure. In January 2017 I came to Florida. The pain became so severe that I could not sleep, bend my left leg, or put on socks. Although I had never seen a chiropractor, I decided it was worth a try. Fortunately, I chose Suntree Chiropractic. After three treatments within ten days I was pain free. After the third treatment I played golf form seven straight days (126 holes) pain free and I  have had no recurrence of pain since. I am profoundly grateful to Dr. Gray for his remarkable care. I'm back in Maryland now but in the event of any further back pain, I will be on the first plane to Florida.

Rev. Ray E. B.  3/2017
Annapolis, Maryland


~~We Wanted to share info concerning the care we received from Suntree Chiropractic.
My wife and I had stopped going to Chiropractors. Then Patty, (my wife), her hip started hurting her a lot. She decided to pray and seek a chiropractor, she decided upon Dr. Gray. I went with her and was very impressed with the care and results she received, needless to say I also decided to go 1 more time, I received immediate results, needless to say, I am well pleased with mine as well as Patty’s results.
Thank you Suntree Chiropractic.
Denny M. 3/21/17
Viera, Fl.

~~My lower back was very painful, to the point that I could hardly stand. Only suggestion from my Dr. was maybe a shot or eventually surgery.  As well, I could no longer lap swim due to the intense pain.

While visiting a friend, I had difficulty getting up from a chair, so she immediately called Dr. Gray's office and found out they could see me the next day.  I called, made the appointment, and by the time I left his office I was able to walk, pain was less and I could see hope on the horizon.  Several months later I am pain free nearly 100% of the time.

As well, in one appointment Dr. Gray had my shoulders loose again within minutes - I can actually reach around and scratch my back again, something I haven't been able to do for years.  It was an unbelievable feeling.

If you've never tried chiropractic because of old wives’ tales, do yourself a lifelong favor and go see Dr. Gray - it was a life-changer for me.

Sandy S. 1/30/17
Viera, Fl.


~~ I had extreme numbness and pain radiating down my legs. Other Doctors suggested I have an operation to correct the nerve laying on my spine. But after seeing Dr. Gray just a few times my numbness and pain are gone.
    Before Dr. Gray I couldn't drive and had limited mobile activities. Thanks to Dr. Gray I am now driving and enjoying more from life.

Nancy K. 11-28-16
Melbourne, Fl.

~~My daughter was hit by a car 2 1/2 years ago, She was 15 yrs old. After numerous visits to other -chiropractors, physical therapy, massage therapists and specialists, we were referred to Dr. Gray by one of his patients. This dear friend said he was a miracle worker. And she is right. My daughter's injuries sustained from the accident, left her in constant pain, but she has been amazingly fixed with Dr. Gray's techniques and years of experience. We are believers!

Joanie H. 8/31/16
Viera, Fl.

~ I had never been to a chiropractor before and had pre-conceived ideas of how scary it might be.
With this in mind, I knew I badly needed some help with my headaches, lower back pain and shoulder pain. The pain became so bad, I couldn't sleep at night. 
  Looking through the list of chiropractors, I called Dr. Gray's office to see if I could get an appointment that day. Tricia was so nice and helpful, and made an appointment for me that afternoon.
  Still filled with trepidation, I went to the appointment. Had the consultation with Dr. Gray and then the x-ray's taken. Dr.Gray was so calming, explaining exactly what my issues were and also assured me the adjustment would not be scary or painful. 
  His sincerity, empathy and soothing approach to fixing my problems made me feel very comfortable.  After the adjustment, I realized my ideas of how a chiropractor worked were totally wrong. At least about this chiropractor.
After going to Dr. Gray my headaches are gone and the pain is  99% better, I feel I am in capable hands. I feel so fortunate to have found the best Chiropractor. My daughter and granddaughter now go to Dr. Gray. I tell anyone who feels they need a Chiropractor to only go to Dr. Gray. He is amazing.

Karen K. 4/25/16
Melbourne, Fl.


~~Dear Dr. Gray and staff,
I am so pleased I found you and made that appointment on that faithful day.
     You see over a year ago I went to bed one night with no pain, soreness, etc., but when I awoke the next day I thought I had slept wrong, because I could not turn my head to the right or left without much discomfort. After numerous weeks of this I finally went to the doctor. (PCP)
     X-rays were taken and later I was diagnosed with “degenerative disk disease between the 2nd and 6th vertebrae.” I was ordered to do physical therapy, which allowed me to move my head accordingly, but my neck and shoulders stayed sore, sometimes I was in a lot of pain and it began to affect my sleep, as well as attitude. I was taking a lot of Tylenol, use of across the counter inflammatory medicine, and a lot of muscle creams, but nothing helped. Like we humans do, I decided to accept the fact that I may just have to live with this discomfort. I convinced myself that the pain, soreness and discomfort weren’t that bad, so I would just live with it.
     It was strictly by chance or should I say fate that during a conversation with one of your patients, Ms. Jackson, your name came up because I stated I probably should consult with a chiropractor about the ache, pain and soreness in my neck and shoulder that had plagued me for over a year. On that faithful day Ms. Jackson gave me your name and phone number and insisted that I make an appointment.
     I admit I was hesitant and felt that I had to live with the discomfort of a recently diagnosed illness of “degenerative disc disease between the 2nd and 6th vertebrae”, but Ms. Jackson was ever so insistent and made me promise I would make that appointment. Secondly, it helped that Ms. Jackson stated that you were the go to chiropractor; meaning you treated other professional chiropractors.
     A day or so later I did make that appointment and didn’t know what to expect. It could have gone several ways, however, when I called in to make an appointment, Patricia was ever so pleasant and listened intensely as I explained my condition. When I came in for the appointment, I felt so much compassion and concern for my wellbeing.
     Patricia is such a jewel, she’s more than the receptionist; she’s caring, giving and compassionate about all their patients, not just me and that impressed me a lot. I also meet their daughter as well and her personality was just a double dose of all that caring, giving, etc. God has truly blessed your family with the “Unconditional Love and Good Samaritan” spirit.
     Once the x-rays were completed and I was placed in a treatment room, Dr. Gray entered with a great big smile and jovial personality. Dr. Gray made several inquiries about my health history and told me he did not see any degenerative disc disease and then asked if I had ever fallen. I replied “yes, at least twice in the past two years”. At that point Dr. Gray pointed out an area on my left shoulder that had been fractured, most likely during one of those falls.
     I was in awe, because not once in either of those falls did my shoulder hurt. The problem always felt that the wrist and hand was an issue, primarily because I landed on them. Never the less, Dr. Gray recommended a solution and began treatment that day. Upon completion of the first adjustment in the appropriate areas, I felt better, no pain, soreness, etc. My posture was better and I was standing taller. Man I was so excited, I wanted to tell the world and I did to those who would listen.
I am so thankful and grateful for making that leap of faith, making that appointment and God bringing you into my life. You have been a God send and have helped make me physically whole again. Thank you so much.
With much appreciation,
Bobbie B.
Melbourne, Fl. 1-23-16


~~"Hi Trisha, 
  Can you believe I just celebrated my 70th birthday? 
I will be perfectly honest with you, last August I was in so much pain I was ready to throw in the proverbial “towel”.  My life! As a Christian I knew my thinking was not where it should be…………pain was my demon.
   While at my appointment with Dr. Allison, my surgeon, who had been treating me for Barrett’s  disease, I literally fell apart in his office. Not because of the Barrett’s, but because of the constant pain that felt like my ribs were gouging in my skin.
  I hurt from my neck to my knees and could not even stand up straight.  I had already done the Pain Management with 2 Intercostal Nerve Blocks and the Radiofrequency Ablation. Neither gave me relief.
  Dr. Allison calmed me down & explained he thought my problems might be muscular/skeletal and likely due to the many abdominal surgeries over the past 40 years, and…… if anyone could help me it would be his Chiropractor, Dr. Marc Gray. 
   My first appointment with Dr. Gray was August 25th.  Not only did you get me right in, you were so kind and compassionate as you explained what you were doing as you took each x-ray. I joke with Dr. Gray now, but as soon as he saw my x-rays, his eyes lit up and he all but rubbed his hands together in excitement. He knew exactly what needed to be done! My ribs were literally bunched together; my spine, hips, neck, knees were all out of place. Paraphrasing his comment somewhat; “no wonder you hurt………….you are soooo twisted!” And I was. But after only a couple of weeks of adjustments, I felt like a different person. I could stand up straight and keep my balance. I even have a little bounce in my step :)
  Thank you Dr. Gray for giving me my life back. I tell everyone about you and what you have done for me. And, I have heard the testimony of  many nurses who sing your praises for how you have made it possible for them to continue in their profession.
   God bless you both for truly being a Great Caregiving Team! Be Blessed,"
Gail  C. 1-5-16
Cocoa , Fl.


~ "I first went to a chiropractor in Minnesota after the pain in my lower back was so bad that I could not walk or work. I have never had that much faith in the chiropractic field as everyone I knew that had gone was required to go back and I didn't see any drastic improvement in their pain levels. After a year of treatment the pain was still there and the treatment was ongoing as I noticed some improvement. Due to a relocation to Florida I stopped going as I did not want to look for another chiropractor. Within six months of the move, I was unable to stand or walk and needed to find a chiropractor that day. I read the reviews associated with chiropractors in my area of Melbourne/Viera and was unsure until I read a review for Dr. Gray. A patient of his said he continued to see Dr. Gray after the patient moved out of town which required the patient to drive two hours each way for an appointment. After reading this, I emailed the office and explained the situation I was in and was able to see Dr. Gray that afternoon.

By the time I got to the office I was nearly in tears and doubtful that he could do anything for me but pain medicine was not working either. Tricia showed me to a room and offered me something to drink and said Dr. Gray would be in briefly. When he came in he said he could make my back better and I would be able to participate in daily activities with my family that I had been missing. I figured what could it hurt at this point to let him try. I began the treatment regimen he suggested and within the first week was able to walk upright. Suddenly, I believed that he could do what he promised he could do. I continued treatment and my family noticed that I was able to enjoy the things I used to, such as bike riding and swimming with my kids. I was able to walk and enjoy life again. My kids were excited to see that I could play baseball and Frisbee with them without the intense pain that they had seen before. It had been twenty-two years since I had felt that good and I am forty-two years old. It was amazing to get out of bed and stand upright immediately instead of slowly working my way to a standing position.

Dr. Gray and Tricia have been incredible to work with and have changed my beliefs on the importance of chiropractic care and maintenance appointments. The office has a positive feel to it and they truly care about their patients and give them the opportunity to enjoy their lives without having to watch from the sidelines. Each of them has a great sense of humor that makes the appointments even more enjoyable. I can't tell you how amazing I feel and I now look forward to the maintenance adjustments as I finally know how good I can feel and am looking forward to life without back pain."
Matina B. 12-29-14
Suntree, Fl.


~~"I have had lower back pain for a few years , have gone to a few doctors and received a mixed response.
I went to Dr. Gray because my wife was treated there and had a positive response to her treatment .
Dr. Gray took X-rays and identified immediately the cause.
In the last two weeks my back has felt better than I ever expected.
It's an amazing transformation . 
Dr. Gray treatment plan is working and I would recommend him to anyone."

Alex E. 12/20/14
 Viera, Fl. 

~"I had Consistent Temporal headaches that would not go away. I have endured theses headaches as of mid Dec 2013. I have seen many different specialists 

At first I was hesitant I wasn't sure if a second chiropractor was going to do anything to alleviate my pain.... Much to my surprise after a few visits I finally began to have some semblance of living life without a headache consistently... My quality of life has improved dramatically." 

Wanda M.  Palm Bay 4-11-2014


~~"My son told me about Dr. Gray last fall and encouraged me to go to him; I procrastinated as I was influenced by the old school about chiropractors. Needless to say I was WRONG. I started going to Dr. Gray two months later after 11 months of x-rays, MRI’s, scans, etc. and none of the 6 doctors I had visited could diagnose my problem. Dr. Gray took an x-ray of my head and neck and in seconds diagnosed the problem. He told me what he would be doing and that it would take time. I am now down to one session a week and the improvement is remarkable in the movement of my neck and the decrease in pain. I am hopeful I will be able to drive the car soon."
Richard R. Cassleberry, Fl. 3-24-14


“When looking for a chiropractor look no further then Dr. Marc Gray. Dr. Gray is a proactive chiropractor that relies on common sense when addressing your medical needs. Not only is Dr. Gray tactically superb he educates his patients along the way so the patient can understand what techniques he is employing, and why he has chosen this technique. Anecdotally, Dr. Gray helped me feel better after years and thousands of dollars of physical therapy. Dr. Gray views the body as interconnected with one problem feeding another. Understanding this technique, Dr. Gray assisted me in my recovery from 4 surgeries that were spread over my anatomy. After only a few visits I noticed a significant difference, and currently Dr. Gray is assisting me on returning to peak form. Furthermore, Tricia, Dr. Gray’s wife-do-all partner, is exceptionally hospitable and works with each patient to ensure their needs are met. Thus, I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Gray as your first stop when dealing with injuries in the Central Florida region.”

 John R. Melbourne, FL 10-28-13


“Last May I had scheduled surgery on my back because I couldn't get relief from the pain and was just miserable. I also wasn't getting any peace of mind because I knew too many people who were even more miserable after the surgery. I prayed that God would let me know if it was His will that I have the surgery. Well, 2 weeks before the surgery was scheduled, I became acutely ill and had to go to an emergency unit where they checked me into the hospital for 5 days. My internal specialist told me that I couldn't have the surgery in two weeks because I was too inflamed to be operated on. He said it would be at least a month before I would be able to consider surgery. I rescheduled surgery for 2 months out just to be safe. When I had my follow up appointment with my Dr. He said, "No way are you having surgery until I do a procedure on you," I cancelled my surgery again. I was lying on the gurney, waiting to go in to get the procedure that would clear me for surgery. One of the staff told me to roll over. I said, "Easy for you to say!" We started to talk about our back problems and she told me that she had terrible back problems also. She said she had found this wonderful chiropractor that had done wonderful things for her back and I asked her for his name and number. I was at the end of my rope when I saw Dr. Gray and his wife, Trisha for the first time.
My husband and I went in for my evaluation with Dr. Gray and after getting my x-rays, Dr. Gray showed us exactly where the problem was and said he was confident that he could help me. I still can't believe that x-rays he has taken since that first day show my back looking like someone else's back! It has perfect spaces where my bones were grinding on each other!! I feel better than I have in years! Thank you more than I can tell you, Dr. Gray!!"

Dinah D. Oct. 10, 2013


" Dr. Marc has worked with me on issues I have dealt with for many years. I have dealt with severe sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome and neuropathy. I have seen many doctors, tried many different drugs and diet to no avail. Since I have been seeing Marc these issues are almost completely resolved. Not to say there are many other benefits I have received from treatment. Life changing results to say the least."

 Bob W. Satellite Beach, January 21, 2013


"Depressed and disillusioned by the pain from a meniscus repair by two arthroscopic knee surgeries within the previous ten months, I sat in the reception area completing patient information. I glanced up at a framed motivational art piece hanging on the wall by the check-in window that simply stated "Expect a Miracle TODAY." Doubt was my initial fleeting reaction. After all, I had been through two surgeries, forty sessions of physical therapy, nineteen days in a continuous passive motion machine from four to six hours daily, multiple cortisone injections, various braces from MPI and DJO, and was still using a walking cane suffering great pain and debilitation. Dr. Marc Gray observed my halting unstable gait and suggested my hip was the problem and had probably been the cause of the knee injury. As I walked down the hall for x-rays, I was most anxious to see how could he possibly correct me after all that I have suffered for the year since I initially twisted the knee doing dishes in my kitchen in October 2011. A simple twist of the body that I've performed mindlessly for sixty years. The motivational art in the reception area, Expect a Miracle Today, was not only inspirational, it was prophetic.

Dr. Gray was able to assess my condition from a mere observation. The x-ray revealed a misaligned hip, which was contributing greatly to the slow healing and progress in recovery. From the first adjustment, he was able to open the flow of blood to the knee and lower leg and by the second adjustment the swelling was gone. I am now able to bend the knee backwards to the normal 120 degrees. I can now walk a distance safely for exercise, which will help me regain muscle power that was lost over the ten months of relative inactivity.

Dr. Gray is the Go-To chiropractor for other chiropractors' needs and for their more difficult patients (such as a friend of mine). His office has state-of-the-art equipment, which means more effective treatments. He makes you feel comfortable about any complaint you may have. If you have nutritional questions, he can readily answer those, too. Instead of spot treatments, his willingness to evaluate head-to-toe, literally, makes you feel the 'whole' you is being attended to put you on the road to wellness.

Dr. Gray's wealth of knowledge and professional experience gave me back my life. His lovely wife, Tricia, who manages his practice, always shows me and all other patients great compassion and understanding. She and Dr. Gray work together seamlessly. It is always a pleasure to visit their office. Many thanks Dr. Gray and Tricia.

Margaret R. November 30, 2012
Melbourne, Fl.

I have suffered with intense pain and limited shoulder movement for more than 2 years. I had tried everything in order to find some sense of relief and improved mobility. All my efforts failed. I had spent thousands of dollars and now I was facing a 3rd orthopedist opinion with surgery seemingly my only option. I was completely discouraged, frustrated, and fed up. That’s when I met Dr. Marc Gray. I held off for months before making the 1stappointment. I thought I would just be throwing more money away and in the end I would be left with the same miserable shoulder. From the start, Dr. Gray told me he could’ “fix me.” That was the first time anyone had said those words to me, and he seemed confident when he said them. I was however, less optimistic. After my 1st adjustment, I saw and felt improvement. I remember waking up the next day and smiling because I could actually raise my arm above my head. Something I had struggled to do for 2 years. With each adjustment, I continue to see improvement. The results thus far have been amazing! Dr Gray is truly gifted in his field. He is not your typical chiropractor and his results are not typical either; they’re miraculous!

Keri G. Viera, Fl.


I've never looked for outside medical attention unless it was absolutely necessary. I'm from the old school where if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Dr. Gray @ Suntree Chiropractic changed all of that after the very first visit. I've run 11 marathons in the past and within those 6 years, fought off all kinds of physical pain on my own. Now, 10 years later, it's a different story. I always thought that by sticking with my workout routine, my body would repair itself. I lived that way for years. That is very untrue and I found out the hard way by tearing the miniscus in my left knee. I could hardly walk for months and back then, never thought I'd ever walk normally again.
 I had Arthroscopic surgery and it was successful. I took up running again but I was constantly uncomfortable and favoring the left side of my body. Dr Gray's X-rays evidenced the crux of my discomfort immediately. It was great to get a thorough explaination during my visit, no questions left unanswered.
I know this sounds like a tv commercial, but the fact is, after just one visit, I feel younger, more mobile, more energetic and much more aware of the functions of my body and how they work together.
      I'm moving and jogging in comfort and my golf game has improved as the ball seems to be going a lot further and I feel much more at ease swinging through the ball.
Thank you Dr.Gray
Tom M., Melbourne, Fl.


Dear Dr. Gray,
Thank you for helping me get back my sanity! I was bouncing around to this specialist and that and still having horrible headaches and low back pain. All I received from the other Doctors were bills and pills! After my first visit I could feel relief maybe in sight. Now, after receiving treatments designed specifically for me I am back to what feels like my youthful self!  Looking back at how long I suffered and how much stress I went through before I came to you has me wondering why I waited so long! Thank you for your straight forward whole life approach to wellness. I am a patient for life!!

Kathleen B.
Melbourne, FL



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  • "Dr. Gray and I would like to extend our appreciation to all of our wonderful patients for your referrals and for those of you who feel compelled to share your stories on how we have been able to help you. Sometimes the most powerful help you can be to someone is to share your story. The first step to healing is walking through the right door! Please know that we strive everyday to do our very best to help you, your friends and loved ones."
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