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Protecting our children… how do you do it?

Watching TV can scare the living daylights out of any parent or care giver. Seems a child gets hurt everyday despite our best efforts to keep them safe. Is it video games or movies like jack a-s that give our children dumb ideas? I even cringe watching football. Even with pads, helmets and our prayers, they seem to get hurt.


Then there are the coaches and even some parents that push the children beyond their abilities. If the child doesn’t quit out of frustration they often end up injured, not really their fault as their young bodies are not meant to with stand the riggers adults often demand to get ahead of the competition. I understand it’s to make the child stand above and beyond the others, but really, at what age should a child be pushed? Because even if they do make it, and we know that percentage is small, they will all have injuries they have to live with the rest of their lives. Worth it? Maybe for some, but what if the injury keeps them from getting that million dollar paycheck. You can look back with fond remembrance when you’re older every time your “old injury” flares up? For instance, knee surgery now is not as scary as it once was; they have made such vast improvements. The child seems as good as new after rehab and is back on the field in weeks or months. But it isn’t until they reach their 40’s 50’s that the “old sports injuries” come back to haunt us. I think the children that excel are often not the ones who don’t get hurt in the process, but the ones who healed faster than the others.


I guess working in a chiropractic office I’ve seen to many children injured by play or sports that maybe due to too much stress to early. I’m not saying I think children should stop trying to become the next Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods, or Mia Hamm, as that cat is out of the bag, to be better you must start early. But to be healthy and sound you must keep chiropractic a staple in your child’s training. From piano to paddle boarding, from pee wee flag football to the majors, well you get the idea. Chiropractic should be an integral part of any one’s health care. Chiropractic works, from keeping your immune system on balance to keeping your neuro-muscular system firing, to keeping your bones where they are supposed to be!! Your old age will be better managed if your youth is spent well adjusted!

For your sake, but mostly theirs, get your children adjusted! It will definitely give them an edge over those whose don’t. You’ll see, Google athletes and chiropractic, it doesn’t have to be just for the famous anymore.

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