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The Simple things

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog! blog_photo.jpg

I am Tricia Gray, wife of the talented Dr. Gray and mother of the the four best kids in the world! And of course Nana to the four best grandkids in the world too! I also pull double duty as the manager and chief at Suntree Chiropractic! Which, truth be told, is my passion. There is no greater joy then being able to help people on their path to regaining their total health. Well at least not for me!

I decided to blog because, well, lets  face it, if you know me, you know I like to talk! But with that, I love to learn. My father once told me, as a young boy he asked his father how he became so smart. His father replied; "the only thing you need to get along in life and be successful is to pay attention!" I have found that this is probably the best advise anyone can give anyone else! It has become my mantra. I try to learn something new everyday by listening and watching those around me. My youngest two children get a kick from my fact of the day revelations! I expound my new learned factoid and I feel better sharing my new information and they have a new subject to ponder that they may not have thought about before. I think they actually enjoy it because its not in lecture form, (not usually anyway!) and because it's never on the same topic, Love to keep them thinking about the world around them.

For my first topic I have decided to start with a little known fact...Did you know Chiropractic is the third most used medical service behind MD's and Dentist's? In my opinion, that's why you have seen a recent rush to have natural remedy's on shows like Dr. Oz. I love that it's hit the main stream but come on where have they been for the last 100 years? I have great respect for the Medical profession, and we all know is very necessary at times and we work closely with all types of specialist. I just believe we often use it to carelessly. At our office we take your health seriously and will never hesitate to refer if necessary, but the good news is after receiving chiropractic treatments your body begins to work properly all by itself! The way it was made to. Just ask Dr. Phil who recently did a show hi-lighting the life changing effects on his health after receiving chiropractic care. He is one of many in the media spotlight who have benefited and are sharing their chiropractic testimonials with the world. 

Ever wonder how geckos grow their tails back or how chameleons skin changes color? There bodies are taking care of themselves so they can survive. We are not yet able to grow back body parts, but we are able to help our bodies take care of the parts we have. By allowing the nerves to carry the messages to our vital organs and muscles our bodies can take care of itself. Chiropractic facilitates this vital communication pathway. 

Open your minds to new information and remember what we put in our bodies matters. Whether it's food or medicine it will have great effects on you, these effects can either promote health and sustain your body or they can harm you with nasty side effects greatly reducing your life style. It's easier to get it right if you pay attention and read the, warnings, side effects and labels, if you can't pronounce it you probably shouldn't eat it! Be your own best advocate, your health is priceless! Keep yourself in the game of life and call us today to set up your appointment and see how easy it can be!

Thanks for joining me. For more info regarding how to get healthy and stay healthy checkout the rest of our web site and call today! 321-622-6778

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  • "Dr. Gray and I would like to extend our appreciation to all of our wonderful patients for your referrals and for those of you who feel compelled to share your stories on how we have been able to help you. Sometimes the most powerful help you can be to someone is to share your story. The first step to healing is walking through the right door! Please know that we strive everyday to do our very best to help you, your friends and loved ones."
    Sincerely, Tricia Gray

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